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Jude Ray's vast experience in filmmaking, including her work on Traces of the Trade, makes her an ideal resource for discussions on all topics related to independent filmmaking.


Her background in exploring delicate cultural and social issues and her expertise in the technical side of the craft (writing, directing, interviewing, etc.) result in a well-rounded and passionate source of information on the creative arts and the intersection of art & politics.

Consider the story ideas below, or please contact us with your requests.

Taking a filmmaker's leap of faith: It takes an average of seven years to complete an independent film. Jude Ray discusses the process a filmmaker goes through when developing or collaborating on an independent film. Not only does it require dedication, but trust and faith that the project is worthwhile both socially and financially. This is especially true when getting on board with a film that is just getting off the ground. Jude had to consider all of these factors when she was asked to join Traces of the Trade.


Celebrating (and surviving) the art of collaboration: Creative minds can be both beautiful and bewildering. Filmmakers often call upon their friends and colleagues in order to make a project the best it can be, but that doesn't mean everything will go perfectly. Jude Ray can discuss the delicate bond of "collaboration" as it applies to filmmaking and can address questions like: What are the benefits and pitfalls of collaboration? When is it right to collaborate? How can collaborators work through creative differences when they develop?


Bringing forth what lies beneath: How a powerful interview can make or break a documentary. The integrity of an investigative film is wholly based on the authenticity and quality of the information presented. One of the biggest challenges filmmakers face when producing films like Traces of the Trade is getting participants to open up. Jude's strong skills as an interviewer made all the difference in persuading Katrina Browne's family members to divulge their personal, and possibly controversial, thoughts and views on their family history and on race in general. Jude can discuss the approach she takes in interviewing others and what she feels are the most important questions that must be asked.


Looking through the wide lens: One of the most significant developments in the making of Traces of the Trade was agreeing to expand the scope of the story to encompass the family as a whole. What began as one woman's discovery of her family's past became an entire family's confrontation with its dark history. This is an example of how collaboration can almost completely change the direction of a film. Jude can discuss this in more depth.

Funding: The business of filmmaking: Another major challenge faced by filmmakers is obtaining funding for their projects. Having a concept - no matter how brilliant - is one thing. Finding someone to back you financially is another. What does it really cost to make an independent film, and how do producers go about getting funding?

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